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PT ZTT Cable Indonesia produce about 12,000km OPGW per annual in Indonesia. Currently the production capacity of PT ZTT Cable Indonesia has reached the best standards in the industry and able to provides stable and reliable products for transmission project.

Design & Construction
OPGW produced by PT ZTT Cable Indonesia is produced on a large scale. Taking advantage of the advanced machine's advantages, currently, the production capacity is able to supply 80% of the needs of PLN Indonesia transmission projects throughout Indonesia, with PLN demands standards. Furthermore, PT ZTT Cable Indonesia OPGW can be produced specifically according to customer’s requirements, thus giving customers flexibility to choose the product type from Stainless Steel Tube OPGW, Al-covered Stainless Steel Tube OPGW, Al Tube OPGW, Optical Phase Conductor (OPPC) to Joint Box and Gantry Box OPGW.


Reference Standards
OPGW produced by PT ZTT Cable Indonesia meet the international standards such as IEC60793, IEC60794, ITU-T G.652, ITU-T G.655, EIA/TIA 598B, IEC61232, IEC60104, IEC61089 and IEEE1138. 

Types & Purposes


Large number fiber core OPGW :

Currently the largest fiber core is 192, with uniform excess length and stable performance. Longest fiber excess length is more than 10 % and with good attenuation performance.


Anti-Corrosion OPGW : 

After 1000h test, no dotted corrosion appears on surface of OPGW cable, the result is better than International Standard.


No fiber strain OPGW :

Through the process control and also fiber excess-length control, OPGW has no fiber strain at 85% RTS and additional attenuation is low.

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