Fiber Optic Cable

A Leading Global Manufacturer of Cable Systems

PT ZTT CABLE INDONESIA produce FOC with advance technology and highly competitive human resources to always prioritizing accuracy for producing best quality products. Our FOC has been used by several local and foreign customers, such as Telkom, ICON+, Link Net, IBS, Moratelindo and Philplex.

Design & Construction
PT ZTT CABLE INDONESIA FOC has a construction of fiber optic, loose tube or tight buffer or semi-tight buffer, strength members (FRP, steel wire, aramid yarns, glass yarns, etc.), water blocking material (tube jelly, cable jelly, water blocking yarns, water blocking tape, etc.), armor (steel tape, aluminum tape, steel wire armor, FRP armor, etc.), cable sheath (PE, AT, LSZH, FRPE, PVC, Nylon, etc.). which can meet with all kinds of operating environment.


                                                                                                                          Reference Standards
PT ZTT CABLE INDONESIA FOC meet the international standards of IEC series (such as IEC 60794-1, IEC 60794-2, IEC 60794-3, IEC 60794-4, etc.), and can be supplied according to customer’s requirements of standards such as IEEE, EIA/TIA, BS EN, ANSI series, etc. PT ZTT CABLE INDONESIA also produce FOC with special requirements including rodent/termite protection, flame retardant, fire resistance, all-dry type, micro-bundle, invisible, low friction type, etc. PT ZTT CABLE INDONESIA products meet the standard of Telkom Indonesia, such as STEL-K-015-2013 3.0 version, STEL-K-016 2013 3.0 version, STEL-K-017-2014 3.0 version, STEL-K-033-2013 1.2 version, etc. 

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