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"We are committed
to customer satisfaction"

Project Warranty and After Sales Service Plan

            ZTT meets the customers’ requirements professionally and provide responsive services. After purchase is made, detailed communication including all technical data, which are necessary to prepare everything in advance, are discussed together with the customer for custom-made solution. Furthermore, the prepared detailed time schedule guarantees a structured and organized management from the beginning until delivered to customer’s site. Whether via online or onsite service, we are there by your side and always ready to answer any questions customer may have.

            Our after sales division ensures immediate assistance in any case, this division provide high quality support for our customers. After sales services does not only include customer claim and warranty management, but also will send out personnel for direct testing and installation of our products, assist construction company and communicate with them on basic knowledge about laying of our products and all operations to guarantee a lasting customer satisfaction.

         “Implementation of customer needs combined with prompt handling response is a key point in our relationship with customers.”

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