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PT ZTT Cable Indonesia celebrates it’s 1st Anniversary

2018-02-13 07:56:33

    PT ZTT Cable Indonesia is comunication and power manufactur, has reached a milestone at 9th Febuary 2018, celebrating The 1st Anniversary at Cikarang. ZTT group had entered to indonesia market since 2007, have respentative office at 2009,  ZTT Brand has achieved recognition and trust from Indonesia Customer by excellent product. To provided the need of Indonesia market, ZTT Group decided to etablish PT ZTT Cable Indonesia at 14 Febuary 2017.

    The celebration had begun with the opening speech of the president director. Tommy Ye, President director of PT ZTT Cable Indonesia said that: “Since the establishment of ZTT Indonesia, the two principles of "Three Highs" and "Two No". The Products and staffs are high standards, high requirements and high returns; for the country and society: No backward technologies are used, No contaminate the environment. Our board of directors, management and all my colleagues should always adhere to these two principles “ Throuhout it’ existence, PT ZTT cable Indonesia wiil start production this year. The product are will divided in to two field, comunication and electric power system . The comunication product are optical fiber, optical cable, OPGW and electric power sytem product is conductor and fiiting. The product of ZTT will serve indonesia comunication , improve and develop comunication infrastructure and increase comunication capasibility.

For more information about PT ZTT Cable Indonesia, visit www.zttindonesia.com