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PT ZTT Cable Indonesia Celebrating 3rd Anniversary

2020-03-10 10:54:37

On the blissful and loving day February 14th 2020 marks PT ZTT Cable Indonesia 3 Year Anniversary since the Company was established back in 2017. This 3rd Anniversary Celebration was held at the Sales Office along with Sales Office Warming Celebration which was previously located on the 19th floor to the 33rd floor of Unit 7 APL Tower, Central Park, West Jakarta. Since 2017, ZTT Group has kept a steady momentum to become a leader for Telecommunications and Power Field, especially for Fiber Optic, Fiber Optic Cable, Conductor, OPGW, Fittings and others in Indonesian markets.

Due to the Coronavirus, as other BoD cannot attend the event, the festive event hosted by Mr Jack Yang Jie, Executive Director of PT ZTT Cable Indonesia. On his speech he stated that "Today is a special occasion, as Company Anniversary and Office Warming, we move from 19th to 33rd, in Chinese proverbs, by moving it to a higher floor means that we are going to up level, hopefully ZTT Indonesia can grow even higher in the future". In this new Sales Office, we have better facilities with which to run our Company, but most importantly we can provide our employees and our customers with a better overall environment to get work done. Finally, Mr Jack Yang Jie restate and promise, on behalf of all the members of PT ZTT Cable Indonesia that it is our goal to understand the priorities and needs of our customers firstly and then to provide best price and product with high quality service. We will use this new working environment, to prove to you that we are up to this task and strive to continue to merit customers trust and satisfaction in Indonesia.

This year, we have put into production for 12 months. This is the first year of full operation. All our products have been sold, and Fiber Optic and Fiber Optic Cable have achieved normal scale production. We have achieved the first-month profit since October. Company thanks for all of hard work and dedication. Having grown to a 350+ Team, Company business’s success has been built on trust, unity, professionalism, competence, passion and a commitment to offering an optimum products and services. PT ZTT Cable Indonesia is the expansion of ZTT Group, with plans and ambitions of further growth, where it will keep looking at the future success! We believe that with our continued united, strives and support, we can and will create a prosperous tomorrow.