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PT ZTT Cable Indonesia 76th Independence day Celebration

Tetap semangat untuk terus maju bersama demi masa depan yang lebih baik. Indonesia Tangguh, Indonesia Tumbuh! Merdeka!

PT ZTT Cable Indonesia at UI Career & Scholarship Expo XXIX 2020

More than 100 Companies will be on site for the year most prestige University Job Fair. One of the benefits of participating in job fairs is that it gives Companies access to large pools of qualified candidates. In order to find qualified employee candidates, one of the measures taken by the HR Department of PT ZTT Cable Indonesia (“Company”) is to get involved in UI Career & Scholarship Expo 2020 on Thursday-Saturday, 5th – 7th March 2020 at the University of Indonesia Hall, Depok, West Java. The University of is a state university which is the oldest tertiary-level educational institution in Indonesia, and generally considered as the most prestigious university in Indonesia, The enthusiasm of the job-seekers for this event is fairly high, come not only from University of Indonesia itself, but also from other regions such as Jakarta, Bogor and its surroundings.

PT ZTT Cable Indonesia 75th Independence day Celebration

Teruslah bekerja, tunjukkan prestasi nyata, bukan sekadar kata dan angan belaka.
Buktikan kepada dunia, bahwa kita terus melangkah. Bersatu dalam Bhineka, dalam satu Indonesia.
Kerja kita, prestasi bangsa.
Dirgahayu Tanah Airku Tercinta, Majulah Bangsaku dan Jayalah Negeriku. Indonesia Maju!

Products Introduction of PT ZTT Cable Indonesia

PT ZTT CABLE INDONESIA is a medium-sized production manufacturer of communication, power grid and accessories, it focus on fine manufacturing. The company's main products are: Fiber Optic, Fiber Optic Cables, Conductor, OPGW,
Fittings and etc. The company's customer base is mainly targeted at the Indonesian national grid, telecommunications and Southeast Asian markets.

4th Anniversary PT ZTT Cable Indonesia

February 14th, 2021 marks the anniversary of our Company. Thank you all for supporting, trusting and being an essential part of our success for the past 4 years. We believe that together we can make our dream come true. The dream of taking our Company to the list of the best companies, the dream of making it a company which is known for its quality products, quality services and commitment towards business.

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