Health and Safety Month Internal Competition 2021 & Group Company Annual Awarding Ceremony

To celebrate the month of Health and Safety in 2021, PT ZTT Cable Indonesia (“Perusahaan”) organize an internal competition involving all employees. As with current condition, health protocol must be implemented, therefore this competition is held online by utilizing the Instagram platform. Competition participants are given freedom to making posts in the form of photo or video with the theme "Health and Safety Month Internal Competition 2021". The posting appraisal period started from February 22 - March 12, 2021 received a high responses and enthusiasm from all employees. 

The result of Health and Safety Month Internal Competition 2021 from the video category won General Affairs Department Team and runner-up won by Fiber Optic Department Team. While from the photo category winner is Ibnu Hasbuloh and Imam for the runner-up position. These two winner both are from Fiber Optic Department.

"Thank you for all competition participants. I am really impressed to see the enthusiasm of the employees in presenting an interesting and different Health and Safety campaign concept. Congratulations to the winners, we will have a better K3 month competition next year” said Edi Supriyanto from HSE Department as the competition organizer.

Furthermore, in order to give appreciation to the best employees and teams for the hardwork in previous 2020, Group Company gives awards from the China Headquarter and the award was given ceremonially with the theme of "Group Company Annual Awarding Ceremony" on Monday, March 15, 2021 at the PT ZTT Cable Indonesia Factory.


This award aims to give appreciation to every employee or team who has shown the best performance and made a big contribution to the Company as well as to motivate, giving role models and share positive enthusiasm for all employees. "On this occasion, I represent the management and Board of Directors of PT ZTT Cable Indonesia to express our gratitude for the support and dedication of colleagues that have been together with us so far," said Miao Bing as the President Director of PT ZTT Cable Indonesia.


(Board of Director with chosen employees of Group Company Annual Award)

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