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Bare Over Head Conductor

    ZTT has more than 70 years of experience in conductor production for overhead transmission line; the current annual capacity is 180,000 tons for conventional conductors and 60,000 tons for up-rating conductors.


Design & Construction

AAC (All aluminum conductor)

AAAC (All aluminum alloy conductor)

ACAR (Aluminum conductors, aluminum alloy reinforced)

ACSR (Aluminum conductors, coated-steel/aluminum clad steel reinforced)

AACSR (Aluminum alloy conductors, coated-steel/aluminum clad steel reinforced)

TACSR Conductor

INVAR Conductor

GAP Conductor

ACSS Conductor

Shaped (Z/T) wire structure

Reference Standards

Types & Purposes

  • Excellent waterproof and dustproof box/cabinet acc. to IEC 60529 std.

    -Outdoor or underground application, with much moisture and sand dust.

    -Places where high protective performance is required to prevent water and dust.

  • Steady application performance for Optical Accessories acc. to Telcordia GR1209-Core/GR1221-Core std.…

    -Data Center and large buildings where excellent application performance is required.

    -Places where steady optical transmission signals and convenient installation are required for FTTH system.


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