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FTTx ODN Solution Provider

ZTT’s FTTX products are mainly about Optical Distribution Network (ODN) ranging from OLT to ONU, can provide all passive optical network products which are suitable for the cables leading in, fixing, distribution and protection, splitting in the position of optical cross point and FTTx access.


Design & Construction

ZTT focuses on the design and research of FTTH system, setting up a special professional construction services team, using a variety of construction techniques, providing a complete FTTH solution for users. We will adhere to project construction with first-class quality, reasonable prices, careful design, and good quality services.

We specialize in producing optical cable cross connecting cabinet, fiber distribution frames, digital distribution frames, integrated frame, outdoor cabinet, broadband access cabinet, fiber distribution box, the corridor box, optical fiber connectors, optical cable joint closure, optical cable terminal box, PLC splitters and other products.

Reference Standards

Types & Purposes

  • Excellent waterproof and dustproof box/cabinet acc. to IEC 60529 std.

    -Outdoor or underground application, with much moisture and sand dust.

    -Places where high protective performance is required to prevent water and dust.

  • Steady application performance for Optical Accessories acc. to Telcordia GR1209-Core/GR1221-Core std.…

    -Data Center and large buildings where excellent application performance is required.

    -Places where steady optical transmission signals and convenient installation are required for FTTH system.


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