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Helical Line Fittings

ZTT is an experienced and reliable manufacturer and supplier of hardware fittings and accessories for overhead transmission line, substation, distribution line (rural), and aerial optical fiber cable. ZTT has about 600,000km successful operation performance now. ZTT has become a professional company and satisfied different customers’ requirements with quickest delivery time. ZTT has rich experience and successful supplies on UHV project up to 1000kV (AC) and ±1100kV (DC).


Design & Construction

The Hardware fittings and Accessories are made of Aluminum, Copper, steel and other suitable materials, it is design as the connection among the conductor, optical fiber cable, tower and insulators, it can carry the mechanical and/or electric load. The max tension strength for tension clamp is reached 1227.663kN.

Reference Standards

Types & Purposes

  • Excellent waterproof and dustproof box/cabinet acc. to IEC 60529 std.

    -Outdoor or underground application, with much moisture and sand dust.

    -Places where high protective performance is required to prevent water and dust.

  • Steady application performance for Optical Accessories acc. to Telcordia GR1209-Core/GR1221-Core std.…

    -Data Center and large buildings where excellent application performance is required.

    -Places where steady optical transmission signals and convenient installation are required for FTTH system.


ZTT is one of the best companies in the industry